I have bad eyesight....

Do not worry. Please use your contact lenses. (We have not a mask for shortsightedness)

I am nervous. Because the last diving was two years ago...

Do not worry. We are hearing your condition. In addition, Private guide or Scuba Review are also available.

I want to dive with friends of join "Try Scuba!" I'm an Advanced open water diver. by the way...

Yes, you can join. But, you must dive in the same way as Try Scuba!.

  • Limited dive point (Shallow and calm)
  • Maximum depth 12 m

I have an underwater camera. I want to shoot at my own pace.

OK, you can. Please choice our service Private guide.

What is the material and capacity of the scuba tank?

Aluminum 11.0 liters tank.
In addition, 7.0 liters, 15.0 liters and Enriched Air Nitrox tank ware available.

I have a medical history.

You need documents as medical certificate. Please check the Tarms and Conditions, and read the Diver Medical section. If applicable, please download file the Diver Medical | Participant Questionnaire, and consult with your doctor fefore traveling.
And, please do not forget to bring the Diver Medical | Participant Questionnaire with your doctor's diagnosis written.

Can not flight on that day when you dived. Is that true?

Yes, true. We recommend a 24 hours preflight surface interval. Please read the Flying After Diving Recommendations.
* Decompression sickness

Can I book from arriving in Bali?

Yes, of course you can. But, Many guests choose Private guide. So, early booking is better.

Do not receive a reply e-mail...

"Response" or "Booking completion" e-mail will arrive within 24 hours.
If do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours, you might be misspelled your e-mail address. Please send by form again. Or please send directly from your mailer to "bintangdivers.amed@gmail.com".

It was chosen as spam e-mail
There is a possibility to be judged that email from us is a spam mail in the servers end by hardening security by the provider. Please set to be able to receive "bintangdivers.amed@gmail.com".