“Private Guide” is guiding for only you.

Please do not hesitate to tell us your request. Your many requests are welcome!

e.g., “I want to take a picture the pygmy seahorse from front!”

No problem! You can take a photo the pygmy seahorse for as long as you like. Your guide will be waiting until you get a satisfying photo.

e.g., “I want to dive over 60 minutes!”

No problem! You can dive until your SPG (Pressure gauge) reaches 50 bar. You do not have to worry about other divers.

Extra guide charge



  • Extra guide charge is per Guide (Instructor)
  • Add to Fun Dive!
  • Try Scuba! and Dive courses! add Rp 500,000 per day
  • Depending on the situation, Transport and lunch might be joining with other divers.