About us

Dive shop

We "BINTANG DIVERS" is specialized in guiding divers individually. Since our dive shop was established in 2007, we has held scuba diving courses and tours throughout all dive sites of Bali - INDONESIA.

In 2015, founded a local diving resort in Amed. We especially have strengh in guiding of macro species in Amed, Tulamben, Suraya area. We have offer scuba diving services to divers worldwide for more than 10 years.


"Make your smile"

This is our mission.
Our dive shop provide of comfortable and convenient services. But, most important thing is quality of team. Professionals need to research and training everyday. Our team are using time to searches the marine organisms, and training of underwater guide.
Team BINTANG continue efforts until all guests say "was great!", "was wonderful!".

Comfortable rental equipment

We are keeping the offer of a comfortable rental diving equipment. It's not high spec, but it's very clean. We are cleaning the rental diving equipment for your safety.
We offer "Comfort" from your standpoint for safety.


Moldy mask... White dirty silicone parts...

Isn't such experience? You will put on the sunscreen because ultraviolet rays is strong throughout the year. If you are a woman, will apply foundation. These cannot remove the dirt by water. Everyday we are washing by using detergent. In addition, every month decompose the mask and wash again. For ease of wearing the mask, we attach the mask strap cover.
Buoyancy Control Device

Hole in the BCD... The inflator button doesn't return...

Would you like to use such rental equipment? Buoyancy can not be maintained is very dangerous.
Everyday we are washing both outside and inside BCD by fresh water. Drying is always shade. Because, the deterioration of the fabric and plastic parts becomes faster by direct sunlight. BCD and Regulator overhauls regularly.


Old wetsuit with holes...

You can wear the rental wetsuit such a shameful? The most of purpose of wetsuit is heat insulation. Thermal effect is lost by many interchanged water.
Everyday we are washing both outside and inside wetsuit by fresh water. Drying is always shade. Because, the deterioration of the fabric (Neoprene) becomes faster by direct sunlight.

Coral reef protection

Pollution, garbage, and global warming ...
Coral reefs around the world are decreasing. Coral reefs in Bali are also decreasing. Just to care a little bit about the protection of the coral reefs. A little bit. Only that.

Our philosophy is...

Dare to say DO NOT!

For protect the coral reefs.