Let's enjoy underwater photography to the fullest!

Compact digital cameras, mirrorless single-lens camera and single-lens reflex cameras, this program is a fun dive for divers who want to take as many underwater photos as possible. Unlike normal fun dives, underwater photography is the main part of diving, so there is less movement underwater.

First, we listen to your requests and favorite subjects. And we will propose a suitable dive sites based on the creatures that can be seen at that time and the sea conditions on the day.

In addition to guiding and shooting underwater, we will also give advice on camera settings, maintenance methods, shooting tips, etc. Even those who are new to underwater photography can feel free to participate.

Small groups for photography divers only

Organize a group of photography diving different from the group of normal fan diving. This group of photography divers will be responsible for a maximum of 3 divers per guide.

Macro photography is very popular

The sea around Amed and Tulamben in the eastern part of Bali is an area where photo divers gather from all over the world because of its stable sea conditions and the variety of macro creatures. Among them, the macro dive sites in Amed, Seraya, Tulamben, Kubu area are crowded with divers who enjoy macro photography every day.

East Bali Dive sites

No extra charge

Same price as Fun Diving! Please requests a subject you want to shoot, a dive site request, your favorite subject, shooting method, etc. at the time of reservation.

Fun Dive!PriceNotes
1 dive / dayRp1,000,000Lunch is not included
2 dives / dayRp1,200,000
3 dives / dayRp1,600,000
4 dives / dayRp2.000,000
  • Standard scuba diving equipment*, Guide fee, Transport**, Lunch and mineral water are included.
  • Dive location (Dive area) are Kubu, Tulamben, Seraya, Laba Sari, Amed and Bunutan.
  • Some boat dive sites in Tulamben, Laba Sari and Bunutan require additional boat charge.
  • Dive area Kubu require additional transportation charge.
  • Use all your scuba diving equipment ... Discount Rp100,000 discount / day
  • Early morning time charge (Entry time 5:00am ~ 8:00am) ... additional Rp250,000
  • Night time charge (Entry time 5:00pm ~ 8:00pm) ... additional Rp250,000

Standard scuba diving equipment*

  • Mask, Snorkel, booties, fins, Wetsuit, BCD, Regulator


  • Free pick up: Stay in Amed area

Recommended options for photography dive


Most of the macro dive sites are sloping undersea environments, and relatively rare creatures live at depths of 10 to 30 meters. Nitrox (EANx) tanks allow you to extend your no-decompression limit and slowly work on a single subject over time.

  • Extra tank charge Rp 70,000*/tank

*Rp 90,000/tank for non-Nitrox specialty holders.

Click here for details

Private guide

If you want to shoot only a specific subject, or if you want to dive for more than 60 minutes, please use the Private Guide.

  • Extra guide charge Rp 200,000/dive

Click here for details

Rental camera

Olympus TG-6 and strobe set are ideal for those who want to start underwater photography or want to try underwater photography.

  • Rental price Rp 400,000/day

*Just Olympus TG-6 (without strobe) Rp 300,000/day
*Please prepare media (microSD card, USB flash drive, External hard drive, etc.) of 32GB or more for your own data storage. Online storage services are not available.